Kensington Investment Company

Kensington Investment Company Inc.

Charlotte serves as Chief Operating Officer of the family’s Kensington Investment Company where she is responsible for the for the non-real estate investment portfolio, the development of 45 Townsend street in Roxbury and leading the people and culture department. She is deeply committed to ensuring that the company delivers an excellent experience for each of its residents. She also leads the company’s corporate culture and believes in building strong teams through service and aligned values and clear goals. Charlotte is passionate about using business models to drive social change and seeks to integrate business and philanthropy.  

She is from Boston and holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Sociology from Franklin and Marshall College and is an avid sportswoman, world traveler, and volunteer.  She is married to Mike Aylward, a Boston Fire Fighter at Ladder 17 and former USMC Scout Sniper First Battalion, Twenty Fifth Marine Regiment, Fourth Marine Division.

Joined the company: 2008

“Begin difficult things while they are easy. Do great things when they are small. The difficult things of the world must have once been easy; the great things must have once been small… A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

— Lao Tzu